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As a dedicated breeder of both Purebred Golden Retrievers and Bernese Mountain Dogs, I was approached by several of my clients in 2017 who were very interested in the Bernese breed but disheartened by their life expectancy. They were eager about the cross between Goldens and Bernese, with the idea of maintaining a mountain dog look but improving the life expectancy by diversifying the genetics. 

Since that first litter we have been astounded by the interest in and love for this breed. 

What sets us apart:

We use the very best representatives from each breed for this cross, including type, conformation and temperament. All All of our dogs are imported from some of the best breeders in the world or bred by us and born here at the ranch. All of the dogs in our program have their OFA clearances done for heart, eyes, hips and elbows. We test for other breed specific genetic illnesses within our purebred programs. We believe the careful selection of each parent is of utmost importance. 

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